In my studio here in Los Angeles I take one on one appointments with many make up students, I also work with regular clients and actresses who are looking to perfect their own make up skills. In my 15+ years of doing make up artistry as my profession I find great joy in working with clients one on one as their make up mentor. I love teaching all of the tips and tricks that were passed on to me as a young MAKEUP ARTIST or that I have learned along the way. I also offer video conference lessons from your home if you would like to learn from me one on one but live in a different part of the country or world.

Check out the full video vlog giving you a sneak peek of what it's like to work with me one-on-one on my YouTube channel by clicking the link RIGHT HERE

All of the information on how to book me can be found on my webiste under Private Education and Makeup Artistry Trainings. I'd love to sit down with you one on one if you'd like a personalized video conference lesson! CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT

RULES FOR CONTEST RUNNING December 1st THOUGH December 31st!
#1 First in order to qualify YOU MUST go to my website and sign up for the beauty contest by filling out my CONTACT FORM at this link here-
Send me your name and email address and all your social media links so that I can watch your pages to see if you are sharing and playing along and make sure you put BEAUTY GIVEAWAY in the subject line
#2 You must LIKE my Facebook Fan page and click SUBSCRIBE TO POST NOTIFICATIONS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
#3 You must SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube beauty channel & Turn On Post Notifications -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
#4 You must Retweet and Repost the following bitly video link to my Private Makeup Lessons Vlog onto your Twitter and Facebook Pages numerous times over the next 4 weeks

COPY AND PASTE THIS VERBIAGE AND LINK ONTO FACEBOOK AS A STATUS UPDATE - http://www.facebook.com/mathias4makeup offers Private One on One Makeup Artistry Lessons in Los Angeles for my friends that need to update their looks and learn from a celebrity pro makeup artist! He also offers one on one video conference lessons from your computer! Watch this sneak peek & subscribe to his Youtube channel for 3 brand new video tutorials every week!  http://bit.ly/2axZUOp

#5 The Players who watch each of my brand new Youtube Makeup Tutorials that go live every Monday Wednesday and Friday in December will win! Each time a new video tutorial goes live you must CLICK THUMBS UP, LEAVE A COMMENT, AND SHARE THE LINK ONTO YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE AND TAG ME using my Facebook url

* In order for your post to count towards the contest I need to be tagged so that I can keep track of the number of times you have posted so on Twitter tag me @mathias4makeup On Facebook tag me by copying my url into the post along with the video link


There will be 5 LUCKY WINNERS! The 5 people that repost the video link along with my social media tag THE MOST TIMES over the next 4 weeks will win!!!
1 player will earn a PERSONAL ONE ON ONE MAKEUP LESSON WITH ME and the other 4 players with THE MIST SOCIAL MEDIA INTERRACTION will earn FREE MAKEUP GOODIES each package is worth approximately $100! 1 WINNER will be chosen from my fellow LA residents to come to my studio in Hollywood for a private tutorial, and 4 WINNERS will be chosen from anywhere in the world to have a private one on one video conference lesson with me from our computers! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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