Mathias Alan is available for PERSONAL MAKEUP AND HAIR SERVICES in Los Angeles, CA. He brings his knowledge, expertise, and excitement to each and every client. He is a master at teachingMAKEUP FOR SPECIAL EVENTS, RED CARPET CELEBRITIES, BRIDAL MAKEUP, ONE ON ONE TUTORIALS, AND CLASSROOM BEAUTY INSTRUCTION. He has over 15 years of experience working with actresses, models, and women of all ages, nationalities, and skin types and encourages you to subscribe to his YOUTUBE BEAUTY CHANNEL to watch his incredible beauty transformations! He brings to you a fresh approach to beauty that will completely change the way you view yourself and make you feel as if YOU are ready to walk the Red Carpet for your own premiere!

Watch this video tutorials in order to get an in depth look at what it is like to BOOK ME FOR A PERSONAL ONE ON ONE MAKEUP SEMINAR in my beauty studio here in Los Angeles. Having me as your guide will completely transform the way that you do your own makeupand I will guide you through every step and every technique that is right for your own face shape & age

Watch this video tutorial to get an in depth look at what it's like to BOOK ME FOR A PERSONAL MAKEUP SEMINAR if you are an aspiring makeup artist and you need to learn the basics of makeup application . The basics of makeup application consist of how to prep all types of skin from oily to dry, how to prep eyes for eyeshadow that lasts all day, how to apply various types of foundations and concealers, how to highlight and contour different face shapes, how to apply eyeshadow for specific eye shapes, and lastly when to apply cream blush vs. powder blush and how to choose the perfect lip colors for your clients.

I offer personal one on one makeup mentoring in my studio here in LA any day of the week that best fits your schedule. We can tailor the lessons in a number of ways to better serve the manner in which you learn best. We can have you shadow me and watch my makeup application on a model while I talk you through my thought process or I can shadow you and help you as you perform a specific makeup look on a model. If you book me for a full day, we would have time to do both! I can even be your personal shopper and we can hit up Ulta, Sephora, or a Pro Makeup Store in North Hollywood like Frends or Naimes. The possibilities are endless! We should jump on a phone call to discuss the possibilities. The rates for personal one on one seminars at my studio range from $250-$850 depending on the package that you choose. Please send me your information and a request for my package rate sheet by filling out the form down below.
I offer a one day certification for a 6 hour seminar package as well as a fabulous goodie bag!

If you have been a fan of my Youtube makeup seminars and tutorials for a while then you know that I am the only Pro Makeup Artist in Hollywood that creates educational tutorials and continues to work in the entertainment industry. I am an excellent mentor and teacher and I offer One on One Video Conference Lessons with me personalized to fit your needs without us ever leaving HOME! You can book me for 30 minutes at $50 or 60 minute sessions at $75-100 any day of the weekend available dates listed on Savvy or if you prefer we can negotiate a weekday time frame if that is better. If you purchase a package of 3 or more 60 minutes sessions then you will receive a discount of 10% off the total for all 3 sessions!

Normally the 25 minute sessions are great for a consultation. It will take the first 25 minutes of talking with you and meeting you in order for me to understand what your lifestyle is and what your makeup and skincare preferences are. Booking an hour long session with me, or a series of sessions in which you will receive a discount, will be the best way for you and I to work together in real time and go over specific makeup application techniques that would be best for your skin tone and skin type.

We can go through specific looks step by step or I can help you learn how to be a better makeup artist on clients.
Bookings can go through the Savvy Website portal by clicking here

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