About 5 years ago I realized that although I love teaching on Youtube- every woman is unique and has individual needs based on their lifestyle, their makeup collection, and their personal makeup skills. I started offering private makeup seminars in my Los Angeles studio, and group classes throughout the country, for that very reason. My goal in these Personal Beauty Lessons are to EMPOWER women from all different backgrounds to Find the CONFIDENCE in their individual beauty. I aim to mentor women on their own personal makeup skills in order to learn how to express their own personal makeup style. I CUSTOMIZE each and every face-to-face lesson to your skin tone, your face shape, and your lifestyle setting so that you can gain a deeper understanding of how applying your own makeup can become an enriching and fulfilling experience, rather than a chore or a frustrating task. Working with me one-on-one will lead to much more knowledge about your own buying choices, saving you hundreds of dollars normally wasted on buying products not suited for your particular needs. Having a personal beauty advisor at Sephora or Ulta or your favorite department store is not the same because their goal is to sell you more unnecessary products in order to hit their sales figures for the day, I know because I was once in their shoes. Booking a face-to-face private makeup lesson with me here at my studio or online through video chat from anywhere in the world is the next step to PERFECTING, ENHANCING, or even TRANSFORMING your face.

I’ve mentored dozens of professional makeup artists through my face-to-face private seminars as well. Having the guidance and professional coaching of a celebrity makeup artist like myself is an invaluable experience, one that I wish had been available to me by any of my makeup artist inspirations like Kevyn Aucoin, Billy B, and Francois Nars when I was first learning my craft. If you live anywhere else other than Southern California, it is so simple and easy to book me for a face to face online streaming video chat seminar. Please consider meeting with me for an hour or a series of sessions to talk about branding your business, marketing to the right clients, and professional kit knowledge.

Let me guide you to your best self so that you may begin embracing the makeup artist that lives within each and every one of us. If you are ready to book a quick 15-minute phone chat to go over prices, special packages, and availability then let me know today by telling me more about yourself in a quick 5-minute Questionnaire right here...

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