Mathias Alan has been working with brides and their wedding parties for over 15 years.

His passion for creating WORKS OF ART THAT WALK started at a very early age and he has been mastering his craft on Brides from all over the world.

He is available for wedding consultations at his studio in West Hollywood and would love to explore the many avenues of beauty that your special day will provide him as inspiration.

Watch this video clip of one of my Favorite Wedding Day Makeup Tutorials ever to see what my 20 years of experience will bring you by hiring me for your enitre Bridal Party on your special day. Contact me via email at to plan our session

I'm sitting down with BRIDAL BLOGGER RAQUEL KELLEY from and she's interviewing me about the ESSENTIALS OF PLANNING A SUCCESSFUL WEDDING DAY in this wedding vlog from my YOUTUBE CHANNEL! Please watch it to get a sense of what my Beauty Inspirations and Wedding Must Do's are for your wedding day.

Why should you hire a professional makeup artist on your special day? What has my 15 years of experience taught me about planning your special day? How long does it take to get your bridal hair and makeup done? What type of look should I choose? How should I wear my hair? Should I ask my entire wedding party to get their makeup/hair done by one bridal artist?